Memo to Steve's class: parts 2 and 3

September 24th, 2008 by Jack

I just received the following response from the Family Watchdog sex offender registry site:

“Non mappable offenders means that we can not map them.  We may not have a full address for the offender or our geocoder does not recognize the address.  Many times a state will only provide a city and zip code for an offender.  This makes them not appear on a map…You can view information about the non mappable offender under the List tab, located just above the map. Then, from the drop down menu under other addresses, click Non-Mappable.”

Regarding the question about the WebCrims court calendar, I’m afraid I didn’t have any luck finding an answer.  I’ve never had reason to use WebCrims for anything other than a case search using a defendant’s name, so I’m not even sure what the purpose would be in searching a calendar by court part.  I suppose I can see searching for a particular judge’s calendar, in which case you don’t even need to enter a court part.  If anyone is still curious about the significance of a court parts search (and is hungry for extra research credit), I’d suggest calling any of the numbers listed on the New York City Criminal Court page directly beneath WebCrims on the “cops and crime” handout.

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