Notes from this morning…

December 2nd, 2008 by Jack

First off, thanks again for a fine semester.  I know we’ll all be in touch via e-mail for at least a while longer, but except for possibly a few of you next semester, we won’t be sharing class time together.  It’s been a pleasure.  (And yes, the blog will stay up!)

Regarding the quiz, don’t expect to get it back as quickly as I’ve turned around the research-inspired stories (in Tim’s class) thus far.  Those I could grade as I went and send each one back immediately.  In this case, since few or none of you completed all 20 quiz questions in the allotted time, I’ll review them all first and probably grade on a bit of a relative basis (curve?) before returning them.  In other words, the ones with the most correct answers will get the best grades.  The “5 points per question” deal is likely out the window.  It’s a learning process for me to figure out the appropriate number of questions for a given time frame.  I have a feeling my next attempt will be 15 in an hour, which I considered for this go round.

Lastly, for those in Tim’s class wondering about the Barry McCaffrey story I mentioned this morning, here it is.  Not research related, but definitely of interest to any journalism student.

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