Research quiz: 5/12

May 4th, 2009 by Jack

It will be very similar to the quiz I gave for Craft I, but obviously focusing on the research topics covered in Craft II.

  • You will have one hour.  You’ll need your computer, and it’s “open blog.”  You’re free to use all my posts, handouts, tips, etc.  I would highly suggest familiarizing yourself with them before the quiz so you don’t have to waste time hunting for the proper sources.
  • There are 16 short answer questions.  Why 16?  Well, last semester was my first stab at this and I really didn’t know how many I should expect students to be able to answer in an hour.  I put 20 on the quiz and nobody finished.  The average was around 15.  So this time I’m going with 16 to relieve the angst somewhat, yet keep enough that you’ll still probably feel some time pressure.  That’s part of this business.
  • There’s at least one question from every research lesson this semester, including the social networking and Excel lessons taught by Barbara Gray and Jo Craven McGinty.  The most from any one lesson is four.
  • There are no multiple choice questions because researchers and reporters never get multiple choice questions and no essays because I don’t feel like wading through the you-know-what.  Most answers require a sentence or less.  Just to be a nice guy, I provide helpful hints on some questions.  And there are no “tricks.”

Good luck!

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