Dog days report

August 26th, 2010 by Jack

I often question whether all this computer use is good for me/us.  Some of my summer reading reflected that…

Nicholas Carr wrote sort of a sequel to his famed 2008 article asking “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”  In the same vein, the New York Times had a story about our brains on computers, and I finally got around to viewing Frontline’s Digital Nation episode from earlier this year.

At least the good folks at the Onion can make us laugh about it.

But seriously, how good can this pace be for journalism in general and research in specific?

For those of you I haven’t scared off to Luddite-ville, here’s some stuff to keep you hooked to the screen: guides for Deep Web Research and Mastering Twitter.

Changing gears, if you want to read some of what I worked on this summer, check out my NYT credits.   The July 26th story involved the use of Twitter, in fact.

Lastly, here’s some important news about the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

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