Research recommendations

December 2nd, 2010 by Jack

First, another reminder…

On Tuesday morning, you will have a final research quiz.  You will be tested on your knowledge of topics discussed in class, as well as handout/blog resources that may or may not have been discussed in class.  It will be one hour in duration and “open blog.”  Short answer format, typically requiring you to find facts and figures.  No essays.  No multiple choice.  No trick questions.  NO MAKE UPS!

I also want to emphasize that you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking “open blog” makes the quiz a breeze.  As I said this week, there’s a “beat the clock” element factored into it, so you don’t want to waste time hunting around for resources.  Familiarize yourself with my blog posts and handouts beforehand!

Second, I want to highly recommend the January Academy courses being taught by Barbara Gray and Barbara Oliver on 1/3 and 1/18 respectively.  Getting all the research knowledge you can from as many pros as you can here at school will serve you well when you graduate.

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