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Wrapping up the semester

December 23rd, 2011 by Jack

All the grades are out.  Hallelujah!

Special kudos to Alex Robinson on his enterprise story, as I told him it was the most ambitious, well-executed research project I’ve ever graded.

And going back to the quiz for a quick minute, one of the questions there apparently won’t be in future editions.

That’s all for now, folks.  Maybe some of you “broadcast types” will be with me again next semester.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bonus byline: Claudia Bracholdt wrote about the possible closure of Gompers High School.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 20th, 2011 by Jack

Before we gorge on turkey, let’s celebrate some more bylines.

The latest from the Mott Haven Herald includes: Eli Chen’s story about the fight to save a community garden; Evan Buxbaum’s article about a new documentary center in Melrose; Patricia Rey Mallén’s report on the closing of a beloved local restaurant; and Alex Robinson’s piece about a participatory budgeting exercise.

The bonus: Remember when I said comparisons are vital to give context to numbers in stories?  I had a short but sweet example last week.

Hark, the Herald bylines thing…

October 21st, 2011 by Jack

Alex Robinson had a story on Bronx residents joining the Occupy Wall Street protests.

And Eli Chen wrote about a focus on food in a Mott Haven Academy wellness program.

Now, we’re cookin’.