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New bylines!

March 29th, 2009 by Jack

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any class bylines…

Tim Persinko had a story in the Daily News last week about merchants struggling along Avenue U in Brooklyn.

On “The Local” blog for the New York Times, Mary Stachyra wrote a piece about a Public Advocate candidates forum and Kristen Joy Watts had a photo credit on another post.

Last but not least, Marcella Veneziale teamed up with Jeanmarie Evelly in City Limits to report on how pension changes could spur an exodus of nurses.

Kudos, all!

The CD beat memo recap

November 2nd, 2008 by Jack

So I’m finally done reviewing all 22 beat memos in both sections.  Phew!  I spent at least an hour on each one.  You do the math.

First of all, special congratulations to the 7 who merited a check-plus.  For those who didn’t, take heart that this will be your least significant research grade.

Kudos also to those who had the tenacity to navigate the user-UNfriendly Census Bureau Factfinder to get any 2007 ACS PUMA data.  I was perfectly willing to accept the equivalent 2006 data available on the more easily-navigable, so that was impressive.

It was actually one of a handful of things that impressed me.

A few of you discovered good sources that I hadn’t listed on the blog or in handouts.  One was the 2007 Community Snapshots in the Children’s Services section of  Mind you, these snapshots weren’t great in all the cases people cited, but they were particularly good for CD income and unemployment data (although there may be some issues with unemployment…more on that later).  Another was the Association of Religion Data Archives site, a perfectly acceptable alternative to Social Explorer for 2000 religion breakdowns by county.

What else stood out? (more…)