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This week’s bylines

May 18th, 2009 by Jack

Tim Persinko has become a byline machine at the Daily News.  Just this weekend, he reported on ATM machines in the Flushing River, the need for new area codes in NYC and a toddler falling three stories and surviving.

Mary Stachyra was also on duty at the DN, writing a story on free pedicab rides in Harlem.

Finally, slideshow guru Kristen Joy Watts got another piece of work posted on “The Local” blog for the New York Times.   By the way, Kristen is also very excited about the new Lens blog from the Times, launched today.  Keep your eye out for her work there too!

Catching up on bylines

May 12th, 2009 by Jack

I’ll start reviewing the quizzes Wednesday and have them back to you by week’s end.  I’ll also post a general quiz recap here on the blog.  In the meantime, I need to catch up on posting some class bylines from the past month…

Tim Persinko has been a Daily News regular, with a Good Friday feature, a shared front page byline for a story on the Swine Flu in Queens, a tale of a home run ball and briefs on a shooting and rising postal rates.

Ben Fractenberg has also been a busy man, first putting his 155-pound physique up against a giant in an arm wrestling contest (Note to Ben: I weigh 140; shoot for me next time), then reporting on “less strenuous” warm weather, auto accident and math stories, all for the Daily News.  Yesterday he had another story on “The Local” blog for the New York Times about a new TV show.

Meanwhile, Kristen Joy Watts and Mary Stachyra have continued their work on “The Local” too.   Kristen added some text to a previously mentioned slideshow on a labor services representative and Mary covered a public meeting on postal problems.  Kudos also to Kristen and another of my past Craft I students on a big time honor!

Last but not least, Marcella Veneziale wrote about growing noise complaints in Chelsea and the potential impact of a proposed outdoor advertising law, and Joe Walker produced a story and slideshow on the Building Green Expo.

Latest bylines

April 6th, 2009 by Jack

Ben Fractenberg had a story about fundraising efforts by area City Council hopefuls on “The Local” blog for the New York Times.

Also on “The Local,” Kristen Joy Watts had a slideshow about Ft. Greene matriarch Eula James.  Kristen is becoming the slideshow master.  Check out this one about labor services representative Khalil Rashid on her own web site.

Last but not least, Tim Persinko wrote about artful Coney Island trash cans in the Daily News.

New bylines!

March 29th, 2009 by Jack

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any class bylines…

Tim Persinko had a story in the Daily News last week about merchants struggling along Avenue U in Brooklyn.

On “The Local” blog for the New York Times, Mary Stachyra wrote a piece about a Public Advocate candidates forum and Kristen Joy Watts had a photo credit on another post.

Last but not least, Marcella Veneziale teamed up with Jeanmarie Evelly in City Limits to report on how pension changes could spur an exodus of nurses.

Kudos, all!

More (sports) bylines

December 8th, 2008 by Jack

Better late than never, congratulations to Kristen Joy Watts for a Law Times story on Toronto’s Fatboys in the New York City Marathon.

Michael Preston and Collin Orcutt also produced a video on high school baller Dominic Cheek.

Last but not least, Hoops Orcutt continues to stand by his Lakers prediction in his latest entry on the Men’s Fitness blog.

(Almost forgot, the teacher joined in the fun too!)