First take on the research quiz

December 7th, 2008 by Jack

I’ve now done my first run through and determined that Steve’s class attempted answers on an average of 15 questions while Tim’s crew averaged 13.41.  I’ll base the individual grades in each class on those separate averages, rather than on 20 questions.

Although I didn’t intend any trick questions, it appears that question 16 about the Barack Obama headlines turned out to be the trickiest.  I didn’t submit this query so that you could show me you know how to navigate Obama’s web site, which several of you did and came up with headlines other than the ones I sought.  The question was meant for you to show me you understand the value of the Wayback Machine (world’s greatest copyright violation) and how to use it.  Congrats to those who did.

Kudos also to Robert Voris, the only student to get full credit on question 18 about Nexis search formulation.  Actually, I was most disappointed by the lack of answers to this question.  Very few even made an attempt.  That may be in part because it was one of the last questions, but since many of you skipped over it to answer question 20 correctly, it basically tells me you aren’t using Nexis very often or very effectively.  I plan to hammer on this point in Craft II.

Lastly, my greatest level of frustration came on questions 7 and 11.  Several of you obviously knew the correct sites to use, went to them and copied some of the information, and then didn’t answer the part of my question asking for the date.  Ugh.  Come on, my peeps!

I’m aiming to return the graded quizzes Tuesday or Wednesday.

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