Be prepared for class on the 17th!

February 10th, 2009 by Jack

As I said last week, the research segment of the next class will be more of a roundtable discussion than a lecture.  The unifying theme will be Community Districts, and you need to be ready to talk about two things:

  1. What you found in your Nexis/Factiva search exercise and how you found it.  I also plan to have one or two of you write your exact search strategies (with terminology) on the board, and this time, individual “victims” will get no advance notice.
  2. The CD beat memo…bring your rants or whatever else you have to say about it.  I’ll respond to all points.

We may not have time for everyone to speak at length on both items, but I’ll make sure everyone gets involved on at least one.  No “wallflowers” allowed.  Warm up the vocal cords now!

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