Maneuver journalism

April 29th, 2010 by Jack

Although our final research lesson of the semester was scheduled to be on politics and elections, we’re scrapping that next week in favor of something different.

We’ll justify this with Wayne Svoboda’s allowance for “maneuver journalism,” which gives Craft profs the leeway to reshape the syllabus based on what we think is most valuable to you at the moment.

So while I’ll admit politics and elections might be a more valuable research lesson in the grand scheme, your current profs recognize that spring is not prime election season, and right now you’re working on a stimulus project, with a research quiz soon to follow.  That in mind, we’ll kill two birds with one stone next week and assign an in-class stimulus-related research exercise very similar in design to the upcoming quiz.

Come prepared, thank us later, complain about us to Wayne, whatever.  Just remember I invoked the phrase “maneuver journalism.” 


P.S. to crushed “politicos”:  Feel free to peruse my notes from a 2008 politics lesson or visit the Political Reporting Wiki compiled by Consuella Askew and Tinamarie Vella.

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